Author: Oyova

  • What You See On Our Sample Web Sites

    What You See On Our Sample Web Sites

    If you look back through the past blog posts, at least some of the more recent ones, we talked a lot about the actual features and resources on the site. We’ve gone over some of the basic utility of having this kind of help for an auction process. Today we can talk a little bit…

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  • Real Time Reporting And More

    Real Time Reporting And More

    What if there was a new way to run an auction? What’s wrong with the old way? Well, for starters, some people find the auctioneer’s voice annoying. Beyond that, though, the traditional auction does not take advantage of the massive power of the Internet for crowdsourcing solutions. As our digital world becomes more involved, you…

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  • Silent Auctions And Pictures

    Silent Auctions And Pictures

    Why is it important to have pictures with your silent auction items? Since these auctions are taking place online, people have to be able to see what they are buying. That is, in general, the philosophy behind many different types of e-commerce. Since there is no brick and mortar showroom where people can come in…

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  • Essential Components Of A Profitable Silent Auction

    Essential Components Of A Profitable Silent Auction

    Many organizations depend on fundraising to help them operate and reach their goals. However, organizing successful fundraising events can become hit or miss over time, especially when an organization is small and stretched thin.  A popular fundraising event for organizations of all sizes is a silent auction. Research, planning, and hard work are all necessary…

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  • How Online Silent Auctions Work

    How Online Silent Auctions Work

    Hosting a silent online auction can be a fantastic way to raise funds for your organization. Silent online auctions are more exciting than traditional auctions they also offer a broader platform for participation. Classic auctions are bound to a particular place and time, while silent online auctions can be held over some time and are…

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