Real Time Reporting And More

What if there was a new way to run an auction?

What’s wrong with the old way?

Well, for starters, some people find the auctioneer’s voice annoying. Beyond that, though, the traditional auction does not take advantage of the massive power of the Internet for crowdsourcing solutions.

As our digital world becomes more involved, you can’t really count on people to drive to a physical auction site anymore.

So with that in mind, what does a modern auction look like? We can tell you, because we have spent quite some time getting our resources together.

A lot of it has to do with aggregating data and presenting it on a transparent dashboard. That is, in some ways, job number one, though people who have run auctions know that there tends to be lots of “jobs number one” as the checklist gets longer. Anyway, having the right tools helps.

Real-Time Reporting

At Perfect Silent Auction, we use specialized tools to take the auction data and put it into transparent Excel spreadsheets. This real time reporting makes it easier to monitor what’s going on with auction items and who’s involved.

At its core, an auction is an organizational event, so it makes sense to have the best tools to organize it well.

Otherwise you’re just kind of shooting in the dark, and to make things worse, if you don’t have the right interface for the people who are going to buy, you won’t get the same robust audience.

Anybody who has run an auction is how important that is.

This process also helps people to not feel overwhelmed by all of the nuts and bolts of arranging an auction event.

Let’s face it – it can be a lengthy process with a lot of moving parts.

So take a look and check out Perfect Silent Auction. We can help you to make sure that your auction event runs smoothly, on the power of modern technology. Let’s talk about it if you have any questions. We understand the pressure that event planning puts people under. We get it. The good news is that you can really utilize some efficiencies to save yourself a lot of headaches. It’s exciting, in a way, and we’ll keep talking about all of these features, and more on the blog to highlight how we help people feel confident about auctions!