What You See On Our Sample Web Sites

If you look back through the past blog posts, at least some of the more recent ones, we talked a lot about the actual features and resources on the site. We’ve gone over some of the basic utility of having this kind of help for an auction process.

Today we can talk a little bit about what you can see when you peruse the sample websites that show how we often work with clients.

Overall Layout

Scroll and click on over to the sample websites, and you’ll see actual functioning examples of how people used our system to set up excellent online auctions. That’s a good visual for when you’re trying to figure out what your own auction site would look like – and what you’ll need, how you will put things together, etc. 

Anyway, as you look at the sample sites, you’ll see some of the composition and design at work in how we position logo work, text and images in a way that’s accessible to the average visitor.

Along with that, we’re trying to integrate all of the cool things that you put together for your auction to make it as attractive as possible. These are easy to point out when you’re surfing looking at the samples, trying to get an idea of how this type of thing would go for you. 


Here’s one thing that will be front and center on the sample sites: you’ll see how we fit in the branding that accents your auction site.

This has to do with having graphics that are design-ready and being able to integrate them into the webpage as a whole. That’s part of what is important in organizing these events, too. 

Background Information

Most of these examples have a specific field for background information before you get to the items catalog. This sets the stage and tells the visitor what’s going on – more about the auction and why it’s being done, etc.


This is maybe one of the more complex parts of the sample websites that you can look at for review. It shows more of how the actual items are set up with pricing, banners for names and more. Dressing up these thumbnails provides the user with a better experience!


For more, look at our instructive FAQ. This service is not just made to be effective, or to dress up items. It’s made to be user-friendly, and to get people closer to their goals. That’s what we’re all about!