Auction Item Budgeting Tips

You goal is to generate revenue. For donated items where you have no cost, start the bidding a below the retail value. For example, you might start the bidding on a $100 gift card donated by a local merchant at $80. Bidders will bid because of the discounted value. You will be surprised to see… Read more »

Online Auction Platform: The Basics

A “live” auction is different from an online or silent auction. It is usually held at your golf event separate from the silent auction. It will work to raise more money based on two key factors: The auction should feature a limited number of items (5-7) that are unique and have a high perceived value.… Read more »

Perfect Silent Auction and Perfect Golf Event

Perfect Silent Auction is designed to work seamlessly with our event planning platform, Perfect Golf Event. PGE gives you the power to accept online registrations, track revenue and expenses, send out email blasts and much more all in one spot, and now we’re thrilled to announce our new platform, Perfect Silent Auction. PSA brings you… Read more »

Planning A Charity Auction

If you are having a fundraising golf event, auctions are an excellent way to generate more revenue. You can have an online auction held in a period before your event day or you can have a silent/live auction the day of the event.  Many events will do both. The goal is to engage visitors to… Read more »

Tips For Adding Items To Your Auction

There are many ways to source items for your silent or online auction. Here are the most popular ways to source auction items that are attractive for the bidding process: Donations from committee members and supporters Donations from local businesses in your community Items provided by event sponsors related to their business (dinner gift cards,… Read more »