Planning A Charity Auction

Is Online Silent Auction Software Right For Your Outing?

If you are having a fundraising golf event, auctions are an excellent way to generate more revenue. You can have an online auction held in a period before your event day or you can have a silent/live auction the day of the event.  Many events will do both.

The goal is to engage visitors to your website and attendees at your event with a collection of auction items that can be won in a bidding process, and raise more money for you cause in the process!

What is a "live" auction?

A “live” auction is different from an online or silent auction. It is usually held at your golf event separate from the silent auction. It will work to raise more money based on two key factors:

  1. The auction should feature a limited number of items (5-7) that are unique and have a high perceived value. For example, an event recently had access to Super Bowl tickets and auctioned them off in real-time with all attendees in the room. Interesting travel experiences (a vacation condo donated to your event) or social experience (a wine tasting/dinner party for 12 hosted by a highly rated restaurant or the home of someone) work well.
  2. A “Live” auction work well if you have the right person conducting the auction. It requires someone with energy and a great personality. It helps if they know many of the attendees in the room so they can call them out by name to bid and keep bidding.


How can Perfect Silent Auction help?

Unfortunately, we live in interesting times due to our current climate with the pandemic; many events are having to take their fundraising efforts virtual. Perfect Silent Auction brings that "live" auction environment to any registrant with internet access. Organizers can set up their silent auction websites and start collecting bids in minutes. Don't have any auction items? No problem! Perfect Silent Auction has a catalogue of auction items that we can add to your website for you, you can find it HERE. Best part is, you're only charged if the item sells! If you do have some auction items of your own, be sure to check out our GUIDE to adding items to your silent auction site.


Also, be sure to check out some of our sample sites HERE.