Why Choose A Benefit Online Auction Over A Live Event

Benefit auctions are popular fundraising events for nonprofits and organizations looking to raise awareness and much-needed funds. While combining a live auction with a social event for a good cause can help an organization reach much-needed financial goals, online auctions offer significant advantages that provide a positive return on investment. 

Nonprofit directors and program coordinators know that conducting fundraising is never as simple as contacting a few friends and donors to reach a financial goal. Fundraising strategies with limitless potential donor reach are essential to any successful fundraising strategy. Online auctions prove to be a beneficial tool for any size organization to keep your nonprofit’s mission thriving.

Why Online Auctions Are Successful As Fundraisers

Online auctions can be successful fundraising events for several crucial reasons. Unlike live auctions, online auctions can last over a period, increasing the opportunity for people to bid on items and increasing the potential for the final bids of things. Online auctions trade the live auctioneer-led system for a more self-directed system where participants can peruse various items at their own pace. 

Another reason that online auctions are successful in raising funds and promoting a cause is that a specific location does not limit their potential donor reach. Unlike live auctions, where people must attend to participate, online auctions can be shared through various social media platforms to reach people who otherwise would not be able to attend the event in person. This aspect of online auctions benefits organizations in small communities as the earning potential is extended beyond their current scope. 

When To Use Online Auctions

Online auctions can be successful events for almost any fundraising need. Given their independent structure, online auctions need effective marketing and advertising strategies to ensure success. Including online auctions into existing programs enriches those programs, enabling nonprofits to expand their brand recognition and impact. Some other fundraising initiatives where online auctions are successful include: 

* Current donor gatherings

* Planned organizational events

* Community events

* School fundraising

* Organizational outreach campagnes

Organizing A Successful Online Auction Fundraiser

Online auctions are most successful when organizers combine local goods and services with auction items that have a broad appeal. Consider asking national chains for donated items or services and your local businesses and area craftsmen. Once you’ve secured your items, online auction platforms make building your event site, uploading the items for auction, and running your fundraiser a simple process.