Three Creative Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for your organization can be difficult, especially when the economy is tight for everyone and people have only discretionary income. Discretionary income means that people have only enough extra to give to a small number of organizations rather than as many as they’d like. 

When organizations and groups need to raise funds, they typically turn to donation websites that provide a platform for collecting donations efficiently. However, you’ll have to be highly creative to raise money in today’s market, but it is possible. Creativity can be hard to find when it comes to the continual job of raising funds for your cause. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the three best ways to raise money in the modern era to spark interest in your cause and encourage people to be involved and donate. 

Hosting A Silent Auction

One good way to raise money is an online silent auction. I’m sure you’re familiar with how a typical auction works. And a silent auction isn’t very different. Silent auctions are typically held online and allow bidders to place bids anonymously, all from the comfort of their own homes. There is no need for an auctioneer as it is online, making it an extremely convenient way to raise money. You need an item(s) to auction off and a website to host the auction. Luckily, it is an excellent website specializing in silent auctions and would make the perfect place to host your fundraiser. A silent auction also boosts your ability to reach people outside your community to increase donations. 

Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail is another form of fundraising, and while it’s not necessarily creative, it has proven to be a success time and time again. Direct mail is mailing information directly out to recipients in any given area. Direct mail can be sent to a couple of neighborhoods in your city, or it can be sent to thousands of houses, maximizing your outreach potential. The sky is the limit when it comes to direct mail, and many people who have done fundraising through this method have seen great success in acquiring all of their funds.

Influence Participation With Social Media

Finally, a creative way to raise money is through social media. We have all seen those social media trends raising money and awareness for various causes, such as the ALS “Ice Bucket” challenge, and because we’ve all seen it, it proves how successful it is. When you use social media to raise money, you’re not just accessing the people in your local area; you’re reaching out to people all across the globe. Social media can be a potent tool to boost your fundraising, especially when combined with another form of fundraising, such as a silent auction. You could use social media to gain a bigger audience for your auction, boosting overall profits significantly!

Final Thoughts

Getting creative when it comes to fundraising ideas is made simple with these three great fundraising ideas!