SMS For Bidders

 We talk a lot about the different resources you need to put on a perfect silent auction, or in other words, a great online event where you can sell items to the highest bidder. 

We also recognize there are a lot of different scenarios where this type of information is helpful. You might be organizing a charity-based event around a silent auction that gets attention for a given cause. Or you might be a department head at some business trying to generate an event that will drive interest in that company and its products and services. 

In some cases, there might be a more general goal and objective to put on a silent auction to eliminate items that are no longer needed, for instance, around an estate sale or some other kind of life change.

Resources and Work 

In any of these above cases, it takes work to put on a great silent auction. The silent auction is different from the traditional auction in how it works. You need to have a certain online infrastructure to make it work well. 

That’s where we come in with domain registration and more. We give you a way to start thinking about your silent auction and its digital context and putting all the puzzle pieces together.

The SMS system 

With our top package, you get access to SMS services for bidders. 

Why is this important? 

Well, because your bidders are busy people, they will be anywhere and everywhere as the silent auction goes on. 

So they want to see easy updates and notifications related to their bids and items they have bid on. 

That brings the auction to them, so to speak. 

With the top package, you still get all the other helpful extras in the other packages, and this kind of text communication is very convenient for your bidding audience. 

That’s a start on some of the help we offer: look at what we have available. 

SMS and Convenience 

When you think about it, it makes sense – meeting people where they are makes everything work better. 

That’s true for anything, but it’s especially true for any kind of enterprise. And although you might not be a company or a business, even a silent auction is still a form of enterprise. It’s also a form of people coming together to make decisions around a central event, so optimizing the planning around that makes sense. 

By easily clicking into some of our resources and services, you can reach your goal of establishing a great silent auction for your audience. That’s true no matter how many items you have, what kind of sponsorship you have, and what else is in place. Be confident about your auction event.