Silent Auctions – A Product Of Our Times

Why do people like silent auctions?

The answer has to do with the way business gets done these days, and how people like to approach fundraisers or projects for special causes. When you really think about it, the trends illustrate how we have developed commerce in specific ways that have an impact on our lives. 

First of all, take the classical auction, where the auctioneer is up on the auction block chanting away. Everybody in the audience has one of those cards or boards, and they signal their interest in real time.

That was a signature way to sell in the 1900s. Auction houses were all the rage, the thing of the day, and you would see them everywhere in American communities.

Fast forward to this century and this millennium, and you see a radically different reality. People are buying and selling online. They’re getting products shipped to them through the power of mobile commerce and responsive design – just by touching buttons on their phones. 

The Power of E-Commerce – and Online Auctions

We saw e-commerce continue to take a bite out of brick and mortar store market share over the last few decades. And as we ushered in the new millennium, we saw the Internet start to mature. All of a sudden it was possible to really see objects for sale on the Internet – to interact with sellers, and to perform more robust transactions with verifiable payment data. It wasn’t just “mail order business” anymore – remote commerce models started to look like the preferred avenue for most buyers!

So all of that got applied to auctions, too. All of a sudden you didn’t need to be in a room with the auctioneer. You didn’t even need to hire an auctioneer. You just used the power of the web to set up digital displays, and let the thing run. That’s pretty much where we are today – and it has unlocked a lot of potential for sellers. 

Tips for Modern Silent Auctions

We have some of the best tips on how to arrange a silent auction and implement one in your community.

We have tips about sponsors and donors, and tips about where to find items to auction. We have tips about collaborative work and how to brand build for this type of event. All of this helps our customers who want to promote a specific cause or idea through a perfect silent auction.

Really, at the end of the day, that’s what you need from a project like this. You need it to be perfect. But if you’ve never put on this sort of auction before, how do you know the ways to get to the result that you want? 

Take a look at all of the resources that we have available to make your silent auction all it can be.