Key Aspects Of A Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising is essential to the success of non-profit groups and organizations. From national entities raising money and awareness for causes to local sports teams and clubs raising funds for equipment and necessities, fundraising can be tricky. People are inundated with financial obligations, so hosting exciting fundraising events that are easily accessible to a range of potential donors is necessary to ensure fundraising goals are met. The key is to make your event accessible, determine your donor base and incentives for participation, and tap into your community partners for donations and marketing. 

When choosing the fundraising event for your club, organization, or non-profit, here’s what to consider for creating an event that will draw the most participation.

1) Accessibility 

For your event to produce enough funds to reach your goals, it must be accessible to a large potential donor base. Consider events that allow people to participate outside your local community, such as online silent auctions. In an online silent auction, people can join without having to be located in a particular proximity to your organization or club. For example, school fundraisers work best when students can access their loved ones and family outside the community. In this scenario, an online silent auction is accessible to anyone who may want to participate.

2) Donor Incentives

People often give to fundraisers without expecting to receive goods or services in return. However, to generate excitement in your cause and increase the donations you receive, consider an event that will incentivize donors to participate. You may want to have a raffle where people purchase tickets to win prizes. Raffles work well as fundraising events and take little effort or upfront cost to promote. You can have as many items as prizes or offer one excellent service or entity as the focus of your event. For best results, ask local businesses to donate goods or services to be raffled or auctioned off as prizes for your fundraiser. 

3) Keep The Community Involved

The more you can incorporate your community partners, the more successful your fundraiser will be. Not only can community businesses and organizations supply you with items and services for your event, but they also can be your event’s best advertisers. Each time you partner with a local business, restaurant, medical office, or service provider, you can give them materials to promote your fundraiser in their business and to their customers. Cross-promotion is a top component of a successful fundraiser, as it helps you spread the word about your cause with little to no advertising expenses. Make sure you promote the companies participating in your event on all of your marketing materials to ensure your supporters are also benefiting from their participation.

Final Thoughts

Fundraising for your group or organization can be fun and fruitful when considering the factors that create success. Keep your event accessible to a large potential donor base, incentivize your event for donors, and encourage cross-promotion among community partners to generate excitement for your cause and solidify community engagement.