How To Boost Participation In Your School Fundraiser Event

Today, many parents shudder at the words school fundraiser. Unfortunately, the stress associated with school fundraisers can prompt many parents only partially to participate. A lot has changed through the years that have caused parents and communities to dread school fundraising season, making it increasingly difficult for schools, clubs, and athletic organizations to raise the funds necessary for their programs. 

Fundraising is more important than ever as governments and school boards continue to cut funding to our local schools. Special activities, field trips, celebrations, and other events are unfortunately cut from schools. To ensure that our students and children get the most out of their educational experience, we must understand the motivation behind the lack of participation in fundraising events and how to bring parents and donors back to the drawing board. 

A Tough Economy Means Less To Donate

The volatility of our economy has made it much tougher to ask friends and family for their financial support for school fundraisers. Considering that students’ primary donors for fundraisers are their parents, tighter family budgets mean less spending on items and products that are not essential. 

Hectic Family Schedules

Parents and caregivers are stretched thin with hectic schedules. With so many single parents as heads of households, parents often don’t have time to go door-to-door with their children or make phone calls asking for support. Schools must consider the type of fundraising event that will work best for their school community.

Fundraising Fatigue

Parents often have more than one child in a school system, so they have to double down on the number of fundraising events to which they donate their time and money. While most parents, teachers, and community members understand the need for school fundraisers, they get burned out with fundraising fatigue. To boost fundraising efforts, schools must find new ways to encourage participation and excite their base. 

Value For Donations

With the increased amount of inexpensive shopping options today, it is hard to ask family and friends to purchase more expensive items for fundraisers. Schools must consider options that are of value to their potential donors, whether it is selling products, services, or experiences.

Bringing The Community Together 

If schools approach fundraising events as ways to bring the community together, they will likely see positive results. More than simply selling products, schools can plan events that parents, teachers, and community members can participate in that raise funds and promotes the school, club, or athletic team. 

Silent auctions are popular school fundraisers as they engage the students with community partners like local stores, restaurants, and service providers who give items to be auctioned. Not only will the businesses be promoted within the community for their involvement, but community members will be more likely to participate if they see exciting services and goods for them to bid. 

Planning a school fundraising event that benefits the students, school, and community is one way to keep people engaged in your cause and eager to help next time.