Building The Perfect Silent Auction

So you’re doing a fundraiser to try to support your department or office, or some local community group or a charity of some kind?

Back in the old days, many of these fundraisers were pretty simple to operate. People made and sold what they had in their community – but these days, a bake sale too often doesn’t cut it…and it’s necessary to look at new ways of doing business. 

A silent auction provides an opportunity to raise funds by selling items that people can bid on online, without clamoring in person for the final bid on some favorite object.

We operate excellent silent auction resources for clients. Here’s part of what we offer:

Online Bids in Real Time

Having a good silent auction involves getting those bids recorded quickly. Our low latency platform is part of the secret sauce of how we pull off these auctions to help crowdsource funding for some cause. Ask us about our innovative platform and how it drives real online auction success. 

A Good Website

In something like this, the user interface is critically important. Our standalone website offers the ability for bidders to access a user-friendly platform to bid on items and participate. Take a tour to see how this works first-hand. 

Automatic Receipts

The automatic receipt feature helps to document the final bid and award it to a participant. It also allows those buyers or bidders to show their purchases for tax purposes or other types of audits.

Track Revenue and Expenses

Helping auction participants track revenue and expenses is another prime feature of this silent auction dashboard. We are active in making sure that people have the best resources to conduct one of these fundraisers and document everything that’s happening.

Mobile Bidding

With the opportunity to bid directly from their smartphones, more people will participate in your auction event.

In fact, responsive design is a best practice in many fields, and we’re bringing it to our silent auction platform for that reason. 

Email Notifications

Email is a great way to keep people in the loop about what’s happening. Our email certification program has been designed to do this in an effective way.

So if you end up needing to crowdsource your funding with the silent auction, take a look at what’s available through our premier auction site. You’ll see that the cost is also competitive; for just several hundred dollars you can conduct your own event and make an effective fundraiser happen!