Accessible, Virtual And Successful

There are three words that we like to associate with our Perfect silent auction platform.

They are as follows – (and as mentioned in the title) – accessible, virtual and successful.

We even have an interesting graphic on the landing page where we see these three words substituted for one another.

That’s because they’re important to us in the design and engineering of our auction website, and showing people how auctions have changed in the age of new technologies.

Accessible Auctions

Simply speaking, you want people to be able to reach your auction from wherever they are.

In some ways, it’s sort of similar to the GoFundMe phenomenon, or to crowdsourcing a startup – being able to bring people in digitally is a major achievement for some kind of cause or organization. That’s where the silent auction comes in. Many of these event planners are working off of a sort of vague goal and idea and wondering how to achieve the kinds of results they need for an auction.

The features and formats that we put in the auction site lead to accessibility for a wider audience, and that really delivers value to people who need to put these kinds of auctions together!


As mentioned, this vaults your auction into a virtual space in a real way that you’re going to experience when thigs get going. 

People aren’t really attuned to the global metaverse yet, but experts suggest we might be going there with web3 and a decentralized Internet and all the rest. For now, though, transformative platforms are the vanguard of a virtual experience, and we’re pleased to be in that category.

You’ll see when you browse the site the kinds of virtual tools that we provide to make your auction more of a virtual experience.


Of course we want our auctions to be successful. Why not?

But there are a number of components to this.

You can see a lot of this on display as you browse the site – in addition to notes on how to set up the digital auction itself, we have abundant resources on how to get items to auction, and how to attract sponsors and much more. Every step of the way you need these logistics to work well for you to make your auction all that it can be.

Thinking about all of this, you might get inspired to build your own auction on our platform. Use the resources we have available and get connected to a professional partner that can help you to do what you want with a silent auction. By setting up a kind of one-stop shop, we have allowed lots of newbies to get seasoned on how to conduct a silent auction well, and how to support their chosen cause or company.